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Book reviews... I don't encourage them.

Email: "All I see on your pages are short comments, no real reviews... I'll review your titles if you'll review mine."

My reply: "Thanks for the offer, milady, but no."

Reason: I don't do book reviews. They're too much like the book reports I hated back in school. Besides that, she writes in a genre I don't find interesting, so crafting a review would be a laborious ordeal.

Another email offered 'excellent reviews for as little as $20 each'. All I had to do was send him free copies of my ebooks and some money. Duh. Again I declined.

However, there are several reviews of two of my titles on MobileRead and Goodreads. A few people had sense enough to simply say, "I liked it," or "I didn't like it," but a number of them apparently consider themselves actual literary critics. Those people blatted out long, caustic missives that mostly only revealed their own toxic natures.

Good or bad, all those reviewers had one thing in common; they only reviewed my titles '4th Wish' and 'An Encounter in Atlanta'. Both titles are readerbait freebies, so apparently those ebook reviewers don't actually buy ebooks.

On another note, I don't trust unnecessarily verbose reviews. It doesn't matter whether they're good or bad, I have to wonder what was really behind them; money, favors to the author, or someone's afflicted and miserable personality?
Are long and loud reviews any more believable than shouting car commercials?

Also... Why would anyone bother to create a complex and hostile review of a freebie? Couldn't they stop reading and delete the file if they realized they didn't like it?
Answer: It's an excuse for wannabes of some sort to try to aggrandize themselves at someone else's expense.

One thing I've always liked about Fictionwise has been their use of ratings. Just mark the title with your level of appreciation and move on to the next book. You can look at ratings and tell whether to bother with the title's sample chapters.

So forget about reviews.
Read sample chapters and make your decision based on reality. If an online book store doesn't have sample chapters, visit my website.
Ed - 8/2011

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