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    Two terrorist attacks during a science fiction convention in Atlanta are foiled by a pair of very unusual people - one distinctly human and one considerably more than human. Until that day, neither of them knew the other existed, but their encounter bonds them in ways neither could foresee.
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Barnes & Noble Sitrep: (to answer emailed questions)
   March 11, 2016: I've removed my titles from B&N.
   Here's why...
   B&N bought Fictionwise in 2009, non-exclusively acquired my pre-2010 titles, eliminated the popular buyer clubs and non-DRM'd multiformats, and sold only their DRM'd Nook versions. (locked epub)
   Because Fictionwise was so successful at selling ebooks (and B&N apparently isn't), I call that move a major marketing mistake.
   Furthermore, B&N (an international reseller!) consistently claimed to sell fewer of my titles than were sold from my own tiny website, so I frankly didn't trust their accounting regarding the titles they inherited from Fictionwise.
   B&N also began their PubIt! (now NookPress) self-publishing system and I actually read that contract. That's why B&N does not have my latest titles.
   However... Now that they've changed it to NookPress, I'll have a look at the current contract. If it looks okay, I might sign back on. They definitely weren't making me rich, but they were a place to get my books.

About ebook prices:
   All the e-stores say "the publisher sets the price," and yet... most of them somehow sell my books at different prices. Check it out. They use buyer gimmicks and their own arcane computations to thoroughly ignore any author-suggested prices.

Don't be an easy mark.
   Learn which formats your ereader gadget can use best and learn to make or convert your own using Calibre.
   Here's a chart of devices and formats: 
   I sell Nook(ePub), Kindle(Mobi), and PDF formats on my site.
Still not a lesbian:
   Some years ago I was accused in email of being a lesbian writing under a man's name. She was serious. It happened again recently. My answer has not changed. :)

A caveat:
   If certain parts of my stories seem a bit too real, there's a good reason. If you think you recognize yourself in one of my ebooks and aren't happy about it, send me your proposed corrections. I've been unable to contact some of the people involved in various events, so I've renamed all of them to avoid being sued.

   An SF 312 CINA has not been required since 2003 for any details found in my books. If you know what that form is, you probably also know why I mentioned it and won't be willing to take my word on the matter, so go ahead and call the feds.
   People with email addresses ending in '.gov' have bought my books many times already, which indicates to me that the various agencies still don't share info willingly or easily.

Why so many of my books were Fictionwise Bestsellers in the same years:
   When I signed on with Fictionwise, I'd already published seventeen books, most of which were Science Fiction. Fictionwise didn't release them all at once; they added a couple of titles to their sales pages every month to introduce a new author.

The earliest stuff...
   Abintra Press appeared on the net in 1997 with two titles; 'Anne' and 'In Service to a Goddess', which sold so well I renamed it 'In Service to a Goddess, Book 1' and wrote a few more. The 'In Service to a Goddess' series began as a tribute to a certain blonde in my life, but grew to include several other women.
   'Dragonfly Run' was added in 1998 and only slightly changed in 2000 according to the wishes of one of the participants.
   'Stardancer' first appeared in 2001 as an SF rendition of a 1988 think-tank's speculations about Iran. They predicted Iran would eventually develop nuclear and bio-weapons and use them against western nations, in particular using nuclear devices planted in western cities to force obedience to Iran and Sharia law. As far as I'm concerned, that concern is still quite valid.
   I thought about renovating all my early works as my writing skills improved, but chose to let them stand and spend my time and energy on new titles.

Later stuff...
   My next title was '3rd World Products, Inc,' which was so well received I renamed it '3rd World Products, Inc: Book 1' and wrote a series.
   'Field Decision' came about after a surprise phone call in 2002 from a woman in the story.
   'Cade's Quest' was written for a lady in Virginia.
   'Crystal River Witch' was written for a lady in Crystal River, FL.
   'Mindy' was written for two women in Texas.
   'Kim' was written for several women of a past decade.

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